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ten minutes is two hours :
Voyages Dans جنوب السودان

(short documentary, 2013)

This short-form documentary video shot in South Sudan, is both a work of and a commentary upon cultural exploitation. It is a self-consciously “cinematic” recreation of a journey through a land plagued by the ghosts of colonialism and the present anxiety of conflicting religious and political agendas - both of which can often seem one and the same. Evoking a surreal sense of place, both very present and very distant, the video depicts the hazy lines between notions of “foreign aid” “missionary practice” and “colonialism,” and shows the ways history has of recycling itself.

The essayistic, experimental nature of the work is inspired by the politically charged silent-era montage of Dovzhenko, Vertov, and Eisenstein and the later impressionistic film and video works of Marker and Godard.

presented by
Walking to the Moon Productions in assoication with Highways, Inc & U-N-M-A-R-K-E-D


edited, written and directed by: Patrick Kennelly
executive producer: Dennis Garcia
producer: Leo Garcia
photography: Trevor Baker and Patrick Kennelly
sound and music: William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes

post-production sound mixer: Andrew Hay / music mixer: Steve Kaplan / score preparation: John W. Snyder / 
cello: Jessica Catron / additional color timing: Joel Ides / admin for Highways, Inc.: Lucy Zepeda

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