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Sarah Kane / CLEANSED

(play, 2008)


directed and choreographed by Patrick Kennelly
scenic, costume, and lighting design: Neil Peter Jampolis
original music + sound design: Jonathan Snipes

Sarah Kane's tender and violent fable is set in an institution designed to rid society of its undesirables. Here, the high rationalist, Tinker, sets out to research, test and document the extremes of forbidden and all-consuming love. A physically stripped, expressionist landscape is the foundation for a desperate,reactionary scream of tolerance and compassion in a cruel, pitiless world. Cleansed is the mostboundary pushing work in the brief, tragic life of its 27-year old playwright.

Performers:  Eric Andersen, Kate Bergstrom, Radick Cembrzynski, Brian Guy, 
Emmalinda MacLean, Scott Patteson, Wiley Strasser, Michael Quiett, and Elijah Trichon

UCLA Freud Playhouse - March 2008


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