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written by Christopher Adams-Cohen
directed by Patrick Kennelly

"The first thing to understand about Christopher Adam-Cohen’s world premiere production of Salome is that it is neither a simple updating of Oscar Wilde’s lavender-scented melodrama, nor a queer interpretation of the text. What it shares with Wilde’s original are two character names and an overripe, almost incantatory text awash in eroticism.

Upon entering the basement playing space at the Mack Sennett Studio, you are greeted by a decaying living space with a filthy kitchen piled high with more dirty dishes than a college freshman’s first apartment. But John Iacovelli’s brilliant set design transforms the ordinary— a working shower, a dirty oriental carpet, a refrigerator topped by cereal boxes—into an oddly beautiful space. Overlaid with mist, the rooms are a perfect backdrop for the hallucinatory narrative that unfolds.

Salome (Christopher Adam-Cohen) lives his life in decadent depravity, living off others and taking lovers with impunity. Prowling around the apartment in a silk dressing gown and pajama pants, he seems capricious and undirected, even with his tolerant lover/host, Indian Joe (Matt Raich). (I’ve no idea if the Twain reference means anything.) Salome’s mother, Herodias (Jacqueline Wright) tracks down her wayward son, invades his home, and threatens to upset his fragile equilibrium. The battle lines are quickly drawn.

Patrick Kennelly directs the piece like the steamy, gay fever-dream it is, though the feel is more Kenneth Anger than Oscar Wilde. There are jockstraps, lovemaking, and a possibly desired beating (Fight Choreography by Edgar Landa) along with a subversive sense of humor. Scraps of music flicker in and out of focus. Interestingly, the only extended musical excerpt is from Carmen. No hint of Strauss’ operatic version of Wilde’s drama."   -


Mack Sennett Studios - January 2016



written + performed by Paul Outlaw
directed by Patrick Kennelly

1855: Perry Cooper, a world-renowned abolitionist orator, finds his life irrevocably altered by an encounter with his slave past ... and the supernatural.

"Porphyrion's Revenge" is the first act of The Late Late Show, a new monodrama that concludes Paul Outlaw's trilogy exploring race, sexuality, violence and their interconnected roles in American history.

The first two plays of the trilogy feature "real people," living and deceased; their texts consist mainly of first-person, "documentary" material from interviews, diaries, letters, audio and videotapes. The text of this final installment of the trilogy is original and features exclusively fictional characters. Its supernatural narrative will span several centuries and showcase a different musical genre in each of its three acts.


original music + sound design by 
Jonathan Snipes & William Hutson 


lighting design by Francois-Pierre Couture

Highways Performance Space - February 2010


History Lesson

Perfect Disgrace Theater Production

written by Brian Bauman
installation by Christo Allegra
directed by Patrick Kennelly


A man and a boy wrestle with international 

& domestic terrorism before bed.

The mission of Perfect Disgrace Theater is to investigate identity and challenge dominant power structures in order to create alternative possibilities, uncover hypocrisy and encourage change through theater and community.

performed by:
Narendra Gala
Saxon Jones


New Wight Gallery @ Broad Arts Center - May 2010


Highways' Holiday Potluck

created and produced by Patrick Kennelly

1. An installation PREVIEW of music & costumes from our May 2012 presentation of PATTY - a Pop! musical event +++ a bounty of genre-
smashing performance from friends & collaborators

2. a CELEBRATION of Highways' participation in the Los Angeles County Cultivate/Create Initiative!

3. THANKS(GIVING) to our funders, donors, members, friends and those to be!

featuring performances by:


Maxi Wild

Anne & Jeff Grimaldo aka Naked with Shoes  

Opera del Espacio
   (w/special guest Eliezer Ortiz)
   (featuring Sonia Oleniak, Jonathan Osborn,  
   Pamela Stark, and Fiona Rose Stout)

+ more music, video, living sculpture, God + Lucifer

Highways Performance Space - November 2011



written and directed by Patrick Kennelly

A sexually adventurous, emotionally violent expressionist drama that reframes the life and work of notorious Austrian painter Egon Schiele in a post-industrial prism of aggressive body art, punk rock fashion and trip hop sonic textures. A fierce re-configuring of conventional notions of theatricalspectacle through movement-based installation and claustrophobic cinematic staging.

produced by: Annette Stock
movement direction and choreography: Kate Fox

scenic design: Sarah Krainin
costume design: Hanalani Lee
lighting design: Matt Mellinger
composition and sound design: Aaron Drake
video design: Adam Flemming
stage manager: Leigh Avery
technical director: Lee Chuong
graphic designer: Julie Mattei

Ren Bell, Sean Edwards, Vince Edwards, Angela Frocillo, Wanda Gala, Michael Geniac, Mary Loveless, Nicole Marquis, Armando McClain, Niko Solorio

Highways Performance Space - January 2007


365 DAYS 365 PLAYS

(part of the largest theatre collaboration in U.S. History, 
organized in Los Angeles by Center Theatre Group)

written by Suzan-Lori Parks
directed by Patrick Kennelly
curated by Kennelly + Leo Garcia 


Part of a yearlong national festival simultaneously in major cities and communities around the country. Center Theater Group spearheaded the Los Angeles performances, and Patrick Kennelly and Highways presented Week 48. Parks’ original text was de-constructed and transformed into a visual and aural map – a continuous performance installation where the audience was free to journey at their own discretion through the work.  The result was a diverse, improvisatory laboratory experiment, constantly in flux.

Kate Bergstrom, Nathalie Broizat, Mariel Carranza, Yvonne Caro Caro, DanceGood.Damnit!!!, Sandy Ding, Fungo Bat (Aaron Drake), Leo Garcia, David Kendall, Cynthia Lee, Pete Lee, Elke Luyten, Jacob "Kujo" Lyons, Ian MacKinnon, Shyamala Moorty, Mrs. Hobbs, Naked with Shoes, Eliezer Ortiz, Jonathan Osborn, Jose Reynoso, Jonathan Snipes, Lan Tran, Meg Wolfe


Highways Performance Space - October 2007



written by John Whiting
directed by Patrick Kennelly




Freud Playhouse (UCLA) - Spring 2009

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