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clipping. / Body & Blood

(music video, 2014)


producer/designer/director/editor: Patrick Kennelly

director of photography: Trevor Baker 


Stereogum Premiere. One of Dazed's Music Videos of the Month
& Flavorwire's NSFW Music Videos of the Year.



"Patrick Kennelly is an artist to interesting sensory experiment reminiscent in some ways of the work of Cattet / Forzani."

 indie-eye REC


"one of the best videos of recent times"


"If you're into some weird, out there ish that gets in your face and rattles your f**king cage, then you'll probably agree with us that "Body & Blood" is a best music video."
BITCandy "Best New Video"


"Thanks to the brilliant Patrick Kennelly, clipping. now have a video that matches the brutal honesty found on 'Blood & Body'. The director has taken the track's title and pushed it to the extreme - leaving us with uncomfortable blasts of nudity, drills and disturbing reds. It's pretty intense. "

The 405


"weird and greasy and delightful in a consenting snuff just like grandma taught me way except all the bodies in frame probably didn’t make a 70s payday but, whatever. Art is cheap and smut is free and exceptionally paired with the wild dungeon lust of LA’s new avant hop wunderkinds...."
Pinpoint Music


"This was a weird week in the music-video universe, and that was a good thing. Many of this week’s videos (including those that didn’t make it onto this list, like clipping.’s genuinely harrowing “Body & Blood“) do strange things with the form, warping it and manipulating it but still finding ways to complement their songs."

- Stereogum


"literal and aesthetic similar to Oliver Stone's Natural Born sweaty malviaje (ie. bad trip)."

- VICE Noisey Mexico


"Patrick Kenelly directs the dark and very intense music video for "Body & Blood" from left-field hip hop artist clipping. The split screen styled visual features a number of physically fit nude performers in various states of distress, strain, or discomfort. Drug use, sexual fetishes, and torture are also implied and contribute to the visual’s crude, raw, and unforgettably bold presentation." 
- Fringe Music Fix

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